Monday, March 29, 2021

Next run - SUNDAY 4 April 2021

Your Hares: XXXX and Crown Lager

Location: Simpson Falls picnic area, off Samuel Griffith Dr, opposite SimpsonsRd, Mt Coot-tha UBD page 158 D/10

Time: 4pm SUNDAY 4 April 2021 (Covid permitting)


Stubby and Schnapps had lured Hashers to a new site, Frank Nichols Reserve, with instructions to bring ski sticks and water for a long run. In anticipation of a long night Jake the Peg installed the lighting. Two trails had been set, to keep it simple Hashers were briefed that one run was longer than the other and that both went into a koala conservation areas the Cashmere Conservation Park with some steep valleys.

Too Mature lead the runners out, she said it was one of the best she had been on, Tess agreed and flung herself on her towel. Water bottles were empty, cheeks were red, but all enjoyed the conservation areas.
Stubby and Schnapps received down downs

Sherpa, Crown Lager and Snake Charmer were rewarded for something or other

Crown Lager was presented with a framed memento of her favourite amber liquid 

BE and VD demonstrated a "lean to" and

as usual Skidmark's jokes had us in stitches. On On

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Next Run - SUNDAY 7 March 2021 at 4pm

Your Hares: Stubby and Schnapps

Location: Frank Nichols Reserve, park on Sanderling Dr, off Lilley Rd, Cashmere. UBD page 107-M/3

Time: 4pm (NOTE TIME CHANGE) on 7 March 2021

Specials: Bring WATER for the run, hat if its hot and a chair to relax in later. 

Our last run:

Two Shoes had invited the Hash to his plot in Yugar and when we arrived on site we found 2 containers full of beer, things were looking good. 
While Bite n Suck's guide dog sniffed at the horse poo on VD's shoes Two Shoes gave out his instructions for the runners and walkers and wisely handed out water to the participants of the Hash
Dade, Guy and Essie were hash virgins who had come along to join the spirit of hashing and try and keep up with our runners! Quickie from Coff's Harbour and S from Noosa also joined us. Two Shoes briefed us that he had set two runs, one for the runners and one for the waking runners and off we all went. Pleasant trails lead us onto the old Dayboro rail line and then we veered into the Brian Burke Reserve and on up and up and on up. Well Two Shoes had started his hashing with the Kratatoa H3 so it was obvious he was up to his old tricks, and the assent began.
Eventually we all met up at base camp slumped into chairs and proceeded to learn that some of the walking runners had actually run both trails. Good run with great scenery, we look forward to more runs from this site. 
The 3 virgins were welcomed to the Hash and enjoyed a down down, we look forward to their regular attendance. Flower serenaded us into the evening and our thanks go to Sam for a hearty feast of spaghetti bolognese to end another great day hashing.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Next Run - SUNDAY 7 February 2021

Your Hare: Two Shoes

Location: Yugar, the address will be emailed to the runners

Time: 5pm SUNDAY 7 February 2021

Last run:

Jake the Peg and Snake charmer set their run in Murarrie, we had good views of the city, lots of ups and downs, not enough shiggy and everyone thanked them for the cooling breeze on every hilltop   

The runners took a polite breather to let XXXX catch his breath

Our hares Snake charmer and Jake the Peg, they set the first Brisbane Hash run for 2021  

Virgin Hashers to SH3 were Gunnacum, Catatonic,, Jumper and Margaret

Baggins spent far too long explaining the value of a u bolt he found on the trail

Short-cutters and complainers had a down down

Snake charmer put on a variety of very tasty salads to go with the chicken and bangers. Thanks Hares for a great run and a pleasant evening. On On

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Next Run - SUNDAY 3 January 2021 at 5pm

Hello Hashers,

Jake the Peg admirably volunteered to be our Hare for the 3 January 2021 and he will set the run in Murarrie, the run site will be emailed to the pack in due course.

Thanks to XXXX for being our Hare on 6 December 2020 and a big thank you fro Crown Larger for the Christmas spread with her own special additions. Yummy.

XXXX and Crown Larger receiving their down down from VD
Jag the Peg introduced Snake Charmer to the pack

Baggins and XXXX "Do it again"

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Next run - LAST MINUTE CHANGE --- SUNDAY 6 December 2020 at 5pm

 Hello Hashers,

XXXX is going to lead us astray (again), all you have to do is turn up at the NEW VENUE of the Upper Kedron Recreation Reserve, just past the Aqua Park, down Upper Kedron Rd at 5pm 6 December 2020, UBD page 137 F/5. Look forward to seeing you all then, On On

Friday, October 30, 2020

Next Run - SUNDAY 1 November 2020 at 5pm

 Hello Hashers,

Our run tomorrow will be at Iron Bark Gully picnic area, UBD page 117, F/17 and we will kick off at 5 pm.

This will be a pot luck run, so bring something tasty to share with the other hounds. On On

Friday, March 27, 2020

Next Run - Sunday ???? at 4pm sharp

Hello Hashers,

You will not be surprised to learn that Covid-19 has temporarily caused us to delay our next run.

In the meantime thanks to Baggins for being our Hare on our last run:

The hash arrived to find Baggins in his purpose built Hare chair with its own supply of hash nectar. He briefed us that the trail would take at least an hour and had been laid with loads of flour, which is why there is a shortage all over Brisbane.  
The trail was indeed extensive and the Hare chair was a welcome relief 
Baggins had a down down and proceed to tell us about the four ingredients that had given him endless possibilities, Hashing was one of them. 
Flower sang some songs and then we tucked into chicken with salad and roasted walnuts, thanks Baggins  it was a fun run. On On