Monday, October 1, 2018

Next Run - SUNDAY 7 October 2018 at 4pm

Your Hares: Verbal Diarrhoea and Bite n Suck

Location: ARC Hill Park, Goss Rd, Virginia. UBD page 120 - K/14

Time: 4pm on SUNDAY 7 October 2018

CATERING WILL BE BY "POT LUCK" - bring something to share and if you can bring a chair.

At the last run our Hare and Hosts were Too Mature and Big Ears who set a diverse and challenging run from Lanham Park. As usual we were well fed and entertained by Too Mature, Flower, all the Fathers among us and quite a few returnees and a hash Virgin.

Too Mature introduced a Hash virgin in the name of Maree.  
We had sinners by the names of Jake the Peg, Flower and Lite Ice
The Fathers Day recipients line up for their Down Downs, well done chaps, ON ON 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Next run - SUNDAY 2 September 2018 at 4pm

Your Hares: Too Mature and Big Ears

Location: Lanham Park, Grange. UBD page 139 M/11

Time: 4pm on SUNDAY 2 September 2018

Our last run was lead by:
Samford Hash House Harriers Inc Pathfinders

Our horn that day was Batman, his escort was XXXX
Too Mature called up XXXX and our hosts Baggins and Marie  
Every one a sinner
Radar and Bedpan 

Virgins had a down down
Thanks go to our Hosts for a great run and plenty of good food

Monday, July 30, 2018

Next run - SUNDAY 5 August 2018

Your Hare: Baggins

Location: The run will be from Baggins's underground abode, the address will be mailed out.

Time: 4pm on SUNDAY 5 August 2018

and just so you know what fun we had at the home of XXXX:
XXXX and Crown Larger were down downed for a fabulous run and yummy food
Stubby had something to celebrate 
We always have fun
Wasabi was awarded his first Hash shirt
Too Mature filled out the run list through to December 2018 when She Kneels and Wasabi will set their first run for the SH3 Inc. On On 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Next Run - SUNDAY 8 July 2018 at 4pm

Your Hares: XXXX and Crown Larger

Location: Merri Merri Park, opposite Tangmere St, Chapel Hill. UBD page 157 - M/18

Date and Time: NOTE - CHANGED to SUNDAY 8 July 2018 at 4pm

and on our last run:
Our Hare and Host gave the Hash directions, we were all expecting a flat run criss crossing Kedron Brook several times, but we were wrong. The first hill was up, up and UP to Sparkes Hill reservoirs, then down and through another forest park and then up, up and UP another hill till eventually arriving back at the Hash site. Excellent run, well marked, effective checks, thanks Jake the Peg.
Then it was the turn of our host Lilo, after giving Baggins a flash she proceeded to spoil us with her soups for the homeless, with soups like that we now know why they choose to be homeless. 
Guests, yes we had a lot of them, Parasite, Smooth Ride, Next Week, No Name and Sherbet (a returner), welcome to our hash and look forward to your return.
Our representatives to Inter hash Fiji were given a down down. 
Last but not least our 4 canine Hashers received gifts from Skidmark and Sherpa, thanks for making them feel special, here is Tess sporting her new Samford Hash scarf.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Next Run - SUNDAY 3 June 2018 at 4pm

Your Hare: Jake the Peg

Catering: Lilo will be catering for the SH3 homeless, so bring a bowl and your own spoon.

LOCATION: Grinstead Park, Shand St, Alderly. UBD Page 139 - D/8

Time: 4pm on SUNDAY 3 June 2018

and on the last run:
How not to park - I think Tess was driving

The Hares

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Next Run - SUNDAY 6 May 2018 at 4 PM

Your Hares: Stubby and Schnapps

Location: Line Drive, off Pine Hills Drive, off Jinker Track (best to access Jinker Track from where Bunya Road meets Collins Road, caution there is a roundabout under construction) Bunyaville Conservation Park. UBD Page 117 Q/12.

Time: 4 PM on SUNDAY 6 May 2018

Last run:
Thanks go to our Hares, Skiddy and Sherpa for a great run around Enoggera Creek, Skiddy agreed.
We welcomed some returnees in the form of VD, Poker and Pizza

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Next Run - SUNDAY 8 April 2018 at 4 pm.

Your Hares: Skidmark and Sherpa

Location: Cnr of Hawthorn and Allamanda St, Hawthorn is off Payne Rd, The Gap. UBD page 157 - L/3

TIME: WINTER TIME 4 pm on Sunday 8 April 2018

Our thanks to our last Hares, Plugher and Lost and Found, they were a formidable team who set the trail through the backcountry of Indooroopilly, great trails through the forest with plenty to eat at the end of the run. Thanks Hares.