Saturday, May 20, 2017

Next Run - on Sunday 4th June 2017 starting at 3 PM

Your Hare: Jake the Peg

Location: We will meet at Jake the Pegs warren complex within Highgate Hill, expect to run all over that hill. The address will be mailed out later via Hash mail, if you are a visitor then contact any member of the Hash for directions.

NEW Time: Its a 3 PM start to ensure we have a daylight run

Thanks go to Skidmark and Sherpa for our last run around the streams of Ferny Grove, some photos from our last run:

Monday, February 27, 2017

Next Run 5 March 2017 at 4PM

Your Hares: Too Mature and Big Ears

Location: Meadowlands Picnic Ground, off Meadowlands Rd, Carina. UBD page 182 - D/1

WHEN and TIME: 5 March 2017 at WINTER TIME 4PM

Our last run was held on Mt Coot-tha. Grouse Sheila was our live Hare and Pot Luck did the catering

To earn little extra cash SH3 is now renting out a friendly pooch, this idea proved to be very popular up Mt Coot-tha
Cheers to Grouse Sheila 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Next Run - SUNDAY 5 February 2017 at 5 PM


Hello Hashers,

Its true - our HARE is on holiday, so our next run will be an evening of fun because we are going to have a POT LUCK run, please all bring something to share and we will meet at:

Grey Gum Picnic Area on Mt Coot-Tha, its UBD page 157 - P/11. SUNDAY 5 February 2017 at TIME is still 5 PM.

A guide of considerable experience will be present to make suggestions as to which trails are flatter than others.

At our last run:
Jess got a new playmate, Elena 
Crown Larger thanked Flower for her run which lead us around almost every trail in the Raven Street Reserve
We tucked into a load of goodies and then feasted on chicken with salads, thanks Flower  
We welcomed Bootee back to the fold. On On

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Next Run - Sunday 8 January 2017

Your Hare: Flower

Location: The John Goss Res, West Chermside, meet at the western end of the Res, Cnr of Whites Rd and Kenna St.

Time: 5 PM on Sunday 8 January 2017

After a fantastic Christmas and New Year our first run of 2017 will be set by Flower, possibly with flower!

Our last run of 2016 was set by Stubby and Schnapps, later the pack was treated to a German feast by our host Topless. Here are a couple of photos:
The walkers set out after the runners
Schnapps and Stubby laid the trail and received a down down for their efforts
Sherpa and Skidmark had a down down for not following the trail 
Sherpa and Skidmark brought back gifts from the Hanoi Hash, our President accepted a set of new socks to go with her new shoes she will wear at the Hash on Sunday 8 January 2017 - be there to see it!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Next Run - Sunday 4 December 2016

Your Hares: Stubby and Schnapps

Your Christmas Host: Topless

Location: TBA

Time: 5 PM Sunday 4 December 2016

Our last run:
For some the pain was too much and they had to take it lying down. Well it was a super run which took up up and down ever hill in Bardon. There was one pool of water on the way and Tess made the most of it, most of us enjoyed her efforts to shower us. So it was little wonder that Lost and Found had to lie down and think about it.

XXXX was our Hare and Crown Larger did the catering which was some yummy roast pork. Thanks to all, great evening. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Next Run - Sunday 6th November 2016 at 5pm.

Your Hares: XXXX and Crown Larger

Location: Bowman Park, Car Chiswick Rd and Simpsons Rd, Bardon

Time: SUMMER is here so its 5pm

Your Hares say that you will meander through the creeks, hill and the leafy suburbs of Bardon! Sounds too good to be true, so come and join them. On On.

At our last run:
Tail had volunteered to set her first trail for the SH3 Inc, so we gathered outside her hide away in Jay Park. We were lead through parks and open fields on a well marked trail that had some cunning check backs. Several hounds had come from far flung places and commented on the fact that they had not run in this area before, all enjoyed the experience. There were several new Hashers that Sunday, we enjoyed your humour and look forward to seeing you again.
We thanked the Hare for her efforts in the traditional way.
Flower proved to us that she can sing with her eyes closed. 
Three hounds having fun, well we all did. Our thanks go to Tail for her trail and the delicious food that she put on for us. On On

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Samford HHH Inc invited Hashers from kennels all over Brisbane to celebrate their 100th run

Schnapps and Stubby were the Hares for the 100th run, two trails were set in the Samford State Forest. The runners and walker met half way, they all enjoyed views of the Glass House Mountains.  
The horn arrived with Private Parts, it was a welcome addition to the run and kept the pack together.   
Pre run banter between Hashers from different kennels  
Hash boutique with raffle by Skidmark and Sherpa, the new Hash shirts were very popular. 
Pizza looked very fetching in his new attire, it is clear that he enjoyed Flower's assistance. 
Tess and her colourful pack.  
GM Flower called for the circle and as usual sang some wonderfully rude songs to an adoring audience.
Various sinners were called forward to receive their Down Downs, here are Baggins and Sherpa
Skidmark's paraphernalia enlivened the circle,  Two Bricks skilfully used the drainpipe to avoid spillage.    
All Shaven seems to have decided to try the impossible, the result was inevitable.
Schnapps was challenged to consume her Down Down without hands, she plucked it up from the ground with no spillage.
GM Flower called upon Skidmark to bake the hash cake for dessert, Verbal D was sentenced to be the bakers boy.   
Honey was added to the flour and egg mixture.
The ingredients were mixed together, a candle was lit and Verbal D had to hold still till the cake matured
As we can see the result was a perfectly baked cake which was lovingly decorated and then consumed by all. A big thank you to all the Hashers that came along and made this such a great afternoon. On On