Monday, January 25, 2010

Mitchelton Smog Turned Out to Be Holy Smoke

Most Hashers arrived on time, and those that didn't went to Woolworths and only just made the Shout Up in time.

We arrived to find that the house had been surrounded by barriers to keep the Press away, however Just Kelly (who has real Hash footwear) and those with a Hash T Shirt on were free to pass.

Holy Smoke briefed us briefly and said that two runs were set and that the FRB's would X paths with the walkers several times, and she was true to her word.

The FRB's set off at a brisk trot, till they were out of sight of the walkers and then anything could have happened!!!!!!

It turned out to be a finely crafted run, that most of us did, and we all were grateful of the Hares efforts to show us the delights of Mitchelton.

The usual Shout Up took place, including the unusual as well, and Spice Girl was presented with Skidmarks Mark 6 Flour Dispenser and we all look forward to seeing the results.

Holy Smoke provided some delicious food, so thanks from all for a great first run and the effort she put into it.

The nectar Down Down for our Hare Holy Smoke

FRB's (male section!) enjoying a Down Down

Next Weeks Run: Sunday 31st January 2010 at 5 PM - The Boerewors Run!

Hares: Stubby & Schnapps
Location: The Flat Hills of Dayboro
Requirements: Bring your swimming gear
Visitors Call: 0410226466 for directions

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