Sunday, October 10, 2010

Next Run - Sunday 07th November & Hash Words/Photos

Next Run: 07th November 2010

Location: TBA

Last week at Ironbark Gully

On & On Up - Where was the Gully

First Time at SH3 Steve and Kerry the virgin.

"Prosit" Topless

Hash Words

The second run back since Interhash attracted a good turnout of regulars and visitors, and we certainly ran for our curry laksa this Sunday (never enough hills at Iron Bark Gully). Stubby and Schnapps were the hares and set an interesting trail through some old and new territory. A cautionary word of warning to all Samford hashers, never trust the hare when he says, the trail will be going that way “trust me”!!!

Hashy Birthdays announcements included Topless and Rumourmonger. Thank you to Topless for the German Apple strudel in celebration of German National Day/Oktoberfest and Schnapps for the cup cakes.

Spice girl lost her reading glasses and tried to get away with wearing a t-shirt clearly marked Rumourmonger. She was duly punished as a shirt thief, and Bigfoot joined her down down for inappropriate dress. Skiddy and Sherpa added to the fine gene pool of hashers bringing Snake Charmer along, as well as Bite’n suck (not related despite choice of names). We also welcomed Kerry, a virgin Hasher. The four footed and furry additions to our crew were Miles and Zoe.

Dinner was a romantic event with candles and a fine table cloth. Next hash we will be expecting violin music and champagne, any volunteers??? Make a note in your diary for November 7th!!

On On


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