Saturday, December 18, 2010

Water World Run and Next Activities

The pack gathered at Undambi Rotary Park on the banks of a swollen South Pine River.
Ned Kelly, a FRB, was welcomed to the Hash. The Hares briefed us that we could expect to get our shoes wet, we needed a torch and then mumbled that they expected to be holding a wet T shirt competition at the end.                                                                                                                                                                  
We set off and soon found ourselves travelling upstream into new territory, with plenty of evidence of where the 100 year flood mark may be.
Shattered After
A longish run it was, but no torch was needed and we headed off to the On On.
At this stage the whole Hash had become fed up with Spice Girl, well that is to say she demonstrated  her one armed culinary skills, to which we were all grateful after such a splendid run. Thanks Hares.
During the Shout Up Rumourmonger was presented with a little bit more of the Borneo Bullshit that he relished dishing out himself not so long ago!


1. Manchester Lake Walk - Guides Skidmark & Sherpa - 29th December 2010 - Details by e-mail

2. NEXT RUN: 09th January 2011 - Hare is Cuntry Member - Location is to TBA -    On On        

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