Saturday, September 24, 2011

Next Run - Sunday 02nd October 2011 - Start Time 4 PM

Hare: Gerbils (while Whippet is jet-setting)

Location: Teralba Park (off Pullen Rd) UBD Page 138 - M/1

Last Run: Thanks to Topless of Margate, who alone knows where the trail was actually meant to go. The pack soon got lost, but we had fun taking in the Top Spots such as Margate Beach and the Wildlife Paradise Park with all the newly hatched Sacred Ibis chicks.

The On On was preceded with an AGM for SH3 Inc. Thanks to those volunteers that stepped forward to serve you - we welcome in our new team. Cuntry member was elected as El Presidenti and Whippet as your new Treasurer, which explains why he is jet-setting already. Skiddy took over the duties of RA.

And so to the On On led by Cuntry Member - Snake Charmer introduced Nicky to the Hash and Phantomsdaughter brought along No Name.

Schnapps spotted Biggus Dickus in new shoes, and we all know what hash tradition is imposed on those who are foolhardy enough to test the will of the RA.

Sinners came in the form of Whippet and Sherpa, I can't remember what it was for except that it must have been well deserved.
Hash Nosh followed. Topless indeed went over the Top and provided more than what is expected, but it was gratefully consumed by all. 

The next run takes us to Teralba Park - On On

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