Saturday, April 14, 2012

Next Run - Sunday 06th May 2012 - Start of 4PM + Words & Photos

Hashers are invited to enjoy the Trails of your Hares: Biggus Dickus & Bootee

Location: McDowall (address e-mailed or ring 0410226466)   Time: 4 PM

April Fools Words of wisdom:

Well the weather was nice to us which is more than I can say for the smiling
Skipper "Stubby" who lead us on an undulating trial through what was part of
the old Dayboro railway. Cresting hill after hill like giant waves.  Withour numbers having been depleted by the loss of Gerbils and Whippet toMongolia, and the absence of Rumour monger and Spice girl, a cast of 10members still rallied to the call. The whole thing almost sounds like are-run of Gilligan's island. So here's the report by Biggus Dickus: 
The Hares  Run Was Conveniently Tilted - Down Down!!

Just sit right back
And you'll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful run,
That started on a tropo trail,
As the Samford Inc Hash Club.
The Hare was a mighty Stubby' man,
With Schnapps so brave and sure,
Ten hashers set on trail that day,
At ten mintues past four,
At ten minutes past four.

The Shiggy started getting rough,
The Hashers were all cross.
If not for the courage of the fearless Hares
The Hashers would be lost.
The Hashers would be lost.

The Hashers set upon the ground
Of this uncharted rocky trial
With Skidmark,and Sherpa too.
The Verbal Diarrhoea
And Bite N' Suck,
The Tooheys New,
Biggus, Bootee, XXXX in a can.
Here on the Samford Trial.

(Ending verse)
So this is the tale of our Hashers bold,
Chasing beer for a long, long time.
They'll have to make the best of things,
It's an uphill climb.

Good'ol Schnapps and Stubby too
Will do their very best,
To make the Hashers comf'terble
In their tropo trail contest.

No phone, no train, no motor car,
Not a single luxury
Except for a high tension power line,
It's primitive as can be.
So join us here each Month my friends,
You're sure to have some fun,
With 10 exhausted Hashers
On the Samford Inc Hash Run!
RA Skiddy's servings of nectar went down quickly - after the photo was take
Congratulations to our new nappy changers. They will for sure need an extra hand..........
You work it out - how many hands did they grow out of their athletic bodies yet!!

Down Downs - The Hares (Stubby & Schnapps), Verbal Diarrhoea & Bite & Suck(for becoming Grand Parents), Skiddy ( for being obsessed with rocks)Verbal Diarrhoea for being accident prone.

Happy Easter and may your Easter Hares bring much chocolate,
Bootee & Biggus

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