Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chinese New Year Run is next - 03rd Feb 2013

Your Hares: Rumour Monger & Spice Girl

Location: Undambi Rotary Res, O'Reilly Rd (off Mt Glorious Rd), Samford. UBD page 106 - E/14

Time: 03rd February 2013 at 5 PM

Last Run - Words (thanks Bootee & Biggus Dickus) and Photos below:

Samford Run 6 Jan 2013, Mt Cootha

A pack of 21 hashers set out enthusiastically from the Mt Cootha Picnic Ground.  The trail wound up the road past Channel 9, where Woopa tried his best to audition for the next episode of underbelly.  The channel 9 workers, who were trying to have their ciggies in peace, nearly misinterpreted his actions as needing the rescue helicopter.  But the helicopter had just been out and needed the little cheesy biscuits and orange juices replaced, so they decided to ignore him.

Radar then hooned past in his car, just missing the pack, and was not seen again until the circle as he totally made up his own run anyway.

The rest of us took to the bush, on dirt tracks.  We all felt safer in the knowledge that Wopa, Flower and Bite & Suck had been watching their kung-foo movies and were ready at a moment’s notice to fight off any assassins with their metal poles.

The track steadily took us downhill – raising our anticipation as we all suspected that what goes down must come up.  (Certainly my cat lives by that rule anyway).  

At the bottom of the hill Biggus was eyeing off a dilapidated cubby house which he thought was clearly a renovators delight.  Fourex and Schnapps politely agreed, just proving what good friends they are.  

ON ON to the drink stop via mixed use trails which were popular with the local hells angels pedal bikies, requiring us to get out of the way on several occasions.

At the bottom of the hill, Softdrinks and a bag of lollies made sure we had energy for the trek back up.  And up.  And up.

Bootee, naturally falling behind on all up stretches, was privileged to witness the power of the local cicadas, which put on a convincing simulation of a sound intensity burglar alarm which could bring tears to a grown mans eyes (according to Biggus).  Personally I was rather worried about being publicly pissed on.

Finally Lilo turned up for a flying visit – considerately flushing out the local coppers and taking one for the team, so the rest of us didn’t also get done for speeding on the way back down.  Onya girl!

Down Downs:
The hares:  VD and Bite & Suck 
Visitors:  Shitler (Hong Kong Hash), Lilo, Tasty Tail, John (who came with Tasty Tail), Midstrength and Accomplice. 
Bootee for dragging the chain and coming last.
The overachievers with mountain trekking poles (Wopa, Flower & Bite & Suck)
The Hash “Beer” family:  Fourex, Crown Lager, Tooheys New and Mid Strength.
Wopa charged VD for something about his foreskin, but personally it sounded like too much information to me – let the boys keep that to themselves I say.

Biggus wore a GPS tracker on the run, so you can all see the following picture (which didn't load) of exactly where we went.  How he managed not to get an overachievers down down I don’t know, perhaps there are some benefits of being the GM.

SH3 marks the spot to be
The Hares, Verbal's & Bite & Suck brief the assembled Hounds on the gradients to be expected, Grouse Sheila laughs off the challenge.
The Circle
New Guests Accomplice, Shitler, LiLo, Tasty Tail & John - welcomed by Biggus
The 'Beer' family cheers a sample of home--brew

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