Friday, March 15, 2013

Next Run - Sunday 07th April 2013 - Time: 4 PM

Your Hares: The "Beer" Family

Location: Under the Albert Bridge - Chelmer

Time: NEW WINTER TIME: 4 PM on 07th April 2013

Last Run Report & Photos:

This is Biggus Fish whom Biggus Dickus passed in the stream while setting the run, if only Dickus had followed the  paper we wouldn't have had to put up with all the Cods Wallop.

Skiddy gave Down Downs to Bootee for doing the run in a Ball Gown, Rader for just turning up and Sherpa for being tickled pink
According to our GM:
Bootee and I had covered the ground to be marked some weeks before the run. On the day rain came in so bad that the GM was wet all the way to his Biggus but halfway during the run fell into "the drink" twice. I was swept down stream for a bit but managed to get back on soggy land. The silly GM tried to complete the trail but "passed out" on a creek bed in almost complete darkness. Talk about running the "shitty trail". I swam it.
Sorry folks for worrying about me. Except, Radar - this run would have made one of your mud runs look very easy. I did hear from those on the run that "how could the Hare get lost, all he had to do was to knock on a door to find directions" Who from?? Toad hall. I did pass out for a while. Bit of a worry but thanks to you who came looking for me. Biggus On On.

According to the Hash:
Biggus we all enjoyed the run and if you'd made it to the Circle you'd have loved the grub that Bootee laid on. A big thank you to you both.

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