Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Next Run - Sunday 03rd Nov 2013 at 5 PM + Photos

Your Hares: Stubby & Schnapps

Location: Lomandra Picnic Area, Samford Rd. UBD Page 117 - C/17

Time: 5 PM (Summer Time Run)

Our run at Margate Beach was set by Topless.

Some of us arrived at the appointed time and were carefully briefed by Topless.  Fearing that we  might venture too far  East and end up in the sea Topless offered us all a map. As this would eliminate the legitimate right of a Hasher getting lost and then shortcutting home we declined her kind offer.
A hectic and exhausting pace was set by the runners, when we arrived at Bee Gees Walk there was just enough time to catch our breaths and admire the wall of fame. 
Somewhere along the way Catatonic managed to catch up with us all, he was duly welcomed into the circle by our New GM Crown Larger and given a down down as a virgin to SH3 Inc. 
Bootee managed to amuse us with various excuses as to why she had been missing, for example reminding us that she had a habit of turning up as a Hare on the wrong day and then having to eat baked potatoes for the next month. 
Flower was called up for the last down down, did she turn the other cheek or was she glancing at the food because knowing how we had all exerted ourselves on the trail Topless rewarded us with a heap of wholesome tucker which we all enjoyed. Thanks to all.

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