Thursday, January 22, 2015

Next Run Sunday 1st February 2015 at 5 PM + some photos

Your Hares: Verbal Diarrhoea and Bite n Suck

Location: Meadowlands Parkland Picnic Ground, Meadowlands Rd/Wright St. UBD page 182 D/1

Time: 5 PM

Last RUN Hash Trash:
The majority of the pack had completed its warm up program, sadly one Hasher was not able to keep pace with the pack and was still struggling to maintain his balance. The run was fun and took us through various environments around Sunnybank. Too Mature had laid the trail past the local Opium Den, just as the runners arrived it happened to be raided by the Police, lucky for us we had been running towards the den and not away from it. Tess had a wonderful time time keeping the pack together and herding us to to On On 
Rosemary, a virgin Hasher, was welcomed to the pack.
Meng Meng was given a farewell down down, she soon returns to Beijing and intends to join one of the Hash Kennels
in her home town. Good luck. 
8 a lot stood tall between the Hares, Big Ears and Too Mature, as Flower lead everybody away with an outrageous song 
Flower was on a roll as the sinners received their down downs and we then tucked into some delicious Hash Nosh. Thanks Hares

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