Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Topless' Run Sunday 04th October 09 at 5 PM

Location: Moreton Bay Boat Club Car Park, Bird o' Passage Parade, Scarborough/Redcliffe
UBD Page 81 - Q 9
Our Hare Will Be: Topless!

Last Weeks Happy Hares:

Gerbils and Whippet

Hash Footage Seen Last Sunday

Run Report 27th September 2009 - FR Caterson Park, Mansfield

Samford Hash Inc. pounding the dirt in yet another suburb with a group of 12 runners/walkers ready and eager to start. After a last minute sign in by the guests the hares set us off with the promise of snakes, dragons, hills and water crossings.
Walkers to the left and runners taken down the hill under the road and up a small hill before finding the first check and u turning to come back past the cars…..!!! Now following the same trail as the walkers who will have had a few checks to negotiate along the route.
As promised there were water crossings, sandy trails a few sneaky checks before a pit-stop with the walkers and a welcome beverage. It was here we were able to see the rare red, yellow, blue, green jelly snake some where eaten, others tied in knots and a few even fed to the crows. The on trail took us back across the stream, up onto the road looping back to the park along the bike track. Everyone back before darkness set in for usual down downs and hash nosh supplied by our hares. Hot dogs, salad and a few more jelly snakes. Joke supplied by Gerbils something to do with a piece of string and a frayed knot!
Thanks to the hares, Gerbils and Whippet, a jolly nice run and a good feed.
Time to head home before the car park was locked for the night.
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