Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Red Cliffs of Redcliffe: Run Report 4 Oct 2009

Run Location: Moreton Bay Boat Club, Scarborough

Pre hash preparations included a careful look into Qld's weather website showing NO TSUNAMI warnings for the coast!

@16:59 h our hare Topless –by the way fully dressed- instructed the W’s and the R’s of her designed route:

A to A for the walkers and A to B for the FRB’s , an emergency map for those who never listen up. And off we started running on the paths along the seaside.

First check was found quickly and after the runners found the on for check no 2, they were not to be seen until their arrival at The Seasider in Margate later on.

The route took us along the beautiful coastline, a false trail down to the beach to spot the Red Cliffs shining red in the late afternoon sunlight. Redcliffe got its name from the red soil of the cliffs we learned. Back on trail we soaked in the fresh breeze after some dust-storm days in the past week. Low tide allowed us to go a short distance along the beach and another check lead us turning around towards Scarborough – back to the car park after a 1 hours brisk “walk-out” with no hills to climb or mud on our shoes. Classified as a clean, flat run!

A short drive took us to the ON ON at the Seasider and in excellent timing the runners arrived just minutes later. Reports were given of parachute sightings and sign up for some skydiving hash event in the near future …

Co-hare of the day Marianne visiting from Germany welcomed us to the Seasiders’ cosy garden for a wonderful ON ON under the full moon, supported by some candlelight; timed security lights kept us on our toes.

VIELEN DANK = A big thank you for a good run, Topless & Marianne’s delicious hash nosh with a German twist followed by Topless’ belated Birthday Mud Cake treat. All energy lost on the run was easily topped up!

The next run will be on 18th October in Bardon, hares Sherpa and Skidmark, details to follow.

ON ON Schnapps

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