Saturday, October 24, 2009

Next run 1st Nov 09 @ 5 pm/ Last Run Report

The next run will be Sunday 1st November @ 5 pm in Albany Creek.

Hare: Cuntry Member

Details to be advised by email – any visitors contact Stubby 04102264666 for directions.

Get up from your couch and come along!

Skiddy's Hash Style Tea Ceremony

Tea Time for Cuntry Member

Run Report 18th Oct 2009 @ Bowman Park, Bardon

Sherpa and Skidmark briefed a dozen+ of hashoholics about their trail . We welcomed our visitors Glen and Josephine, previously hashing in Europe and Asia. Josephine requested nothing but a snake free route , everything else she can put up with……..

After some heavy rainfall in the afternoon, the once well floured trail was a bit washed out and only those with implants of hash instinct identified the blobs to follow.

This dull spotting changed only minutes into the run when we had to cross a creek and Stubby put our attention onto some “decorative” snake resting in the clear water. What a sight! (= Ruff Scaled Snake) Where was Josephine?

Good checks and “R U ? ”-calls kept us together along the route through some pretty bush, parks and along paths. What a nice flat run Sherpa and Skidmark presented to us! Unfortunately there was nothing to complain about exhausting steep climbs.

Cuntry Member stepped into the circle with new shoes! Skidmarks’ Hash Style - Tea Ceremony transformed them into some real runners.

Down downs for the hares and guests, ice cold nectars started the On On , followed by Sherpa & Skiddy’s delicious BBQ and sweet treats from Speedy Snail, our new member. Welcome!

Thanks hares J

ON ON Schnapps

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